7 Great Ways to Grow Physical Intimacy in Your Marriage

devotional_dancing couple.jpgIt’s no secret that one of the big complaints we hear from couples is their struggle with physical intimacy. This can lead to the “blame game” … feeling like you’re walking on egg shells if you bring up the topic … or the beginning stages of a deep seated apathy that can roll in.

Scientific research has shown that babies who are held, caressed, tickled, and played with physically grow up to have healthier emotional bonds and hormonal balance than those left alone. Even Jesus understood the need for children to be close when He reprimanded His disciples and told them to let the children come up to Him!

That need for physical touch never goes away … even if your primary love language is something else … couples need to develop their physical contact.

The exciting thing is … there’s tons of great ways to build physical intimacy that can be done throughout the day … without the need for intercourse.

  1. Crank up the music and dance together while you make dinner or do chores around the house. Doing a few pirouettes will be fun and rewarding all at once!
  2. Take a walk around the block while holding hands.
  3. Sit next to each other instead of on opposite sides of the table … at home … or in a restaurant. Confrontation is done facing one another … relationship building is done side to side.
  4. Snuggle on the couch at night while you read … watch TV … or just spend time talking together.
  5. Watch a romantic comedy together … studies have shown that watching and talking about these types of movies actually lowers your need for marriage therapy!
  6. Lay in bed for pillow talk … before you’re exhausted … and without screens to distract you! Spending twenty minutes together right when you get home from work … or before you fall asleep will build both emotional and physical intimacy.
  7. Exercise together … this is a great way to get in shape … encourage one another … and have healthy physical contact!

Do you have other ways you like to interact physically throughout the day? Let us know … and get working on growing your physical connection today!

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